Catalyst Chicago is the result of years of collaborations and crossed streams within the seemingly out of control realms of music, theater, fine art, film, video, and flat out good times. The Chicago branch of catalyst is happy to be a part of the soon to be international art collective, recently established in Los Angeles.

Catalyst Chicago is a 12,000 square foot production space located on the west side of the city. There is a full recording studio, soundstage, painting studio, woodshop, and more on the way. It has changed hands throughout the years and has remained “in the family” as the current resident artists build it out and turn it into what will become one of the most prolific collectives in the city. The Chicago collective includes a “sister loft” located in the south loop, the beautiful and seasoned, TransAmoeba has been home and studio and showroom to some of the most talented and groundbreaking artists in the country.

To find out more, and learn about how you can help us help you…contact us here: info@evolveandprevail.org

The west side Catalyst location is comprised of:

Dominic Johnson, Musician and President of New Millenium Orchestra.

Max Glascott, Musician/Producer/Graphic Artist

Constance Schoepflin, Musician/Fine Arts

Chuck Bontrager, Musician/Teacher

Bryan Brickner, Writer

Dan Simborg, Carpenter

Nathan Peck, Painter/Multimedia Arts


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